America’s #1 reach medium

Public perception: 64% of Americans are reached by Radio each week

Reality: 93% of Americans are reached by Radio each week

Public perception: time spent with AM/FM radio is nearly the same as Pandora/Spotify

Reality: AM/FM radio’s share is 9X greater than Pandora and 17X greater than Spotify

4 principles of effective advertising:


It’s more important to be a relevant advertiser to few people, than an irrelevant advertiser to everyone. Focus your efforts. “Everyone” does not need or want your product.



Does your message connect with consumers? Focus your message on them, not you. Always answer WHY – why would a consumer buy your product?


It’s imperative you choose a media that delivers affordable message frequency. Repetition is how we learn.


Reach is the total number of potential customers available in each media choice. The goal is to find the media that can reach the largest number of your potential customers.

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