Radio is America's #1 reach medium

Every week, radio reaches more people in Cache Valley than any other media or advertising option. 92% of Cache Valley listens to radio! More people means more results for your business.

Live Here. Buy Here.

The Cache Valley Media Group encourages you to shop local. Particularly at locally owned, independent businesses. Because when you shop local, more money is kept in the community.

Traditional media -VS- Digital media

We recommend you need both. But how much money should you devote to each media?

What advertising options make the most sense for your business?

What you say, times how many times you say it, is the only thing that works in advertising


Radio is Cache Valley’s dominate media. See how radio can grow your business.


Learn how our digital solutions can connect you closer to your customer.

Event Marketing

Trade shows, community events and contesting. Learn how to get involved.

Video Production

Increase the credibility of your business with high quality video production.

The Cache Valley Media Group

reaches more people, more often, with more impact, than any other form of local media.



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