Garden Gateway on using radio:

“I feel like it’s been a fantastic experience. Any time I want to get a message out about a product that I’m trying to promote… about a sale that I’m trying to have… I’m always able to get my message across to the people I’m talking to…”



 Fisher Home Furnishings on using radio

“… Our sales reps have been awesome. They’ve been probably the biggest asset to our company other than our employees. So dealing with the Cache Valley (Media) Group has been really simple over the last thirty years…”



Al’s Sporting Goods on using radio:

“We can see a direct response from the people listening to the radio (station)… for our promotions. It’s always been very efficient. We’ve gotten the results that we want…”



Logan City Police Department on using radio:

“The Logan City Police Department has the necessity to get information out to the public… we’ve partnered with Cache Valley (Media) Group on several occasion to get information out to the public…”



Logan Regional Hospital on using radio

“We reached out to the Cache Valley Media Group in helping us, not just to advertise and promote the event, but to help us plan a really quality event”


Thunder Mountain Truck Outfitters on using radio:

“… we jumped in and did radio, and I was surprised. I remember when our first radio spot ran, and it was literally about two hours before people were coming in the door, saying I heard about you on the radio, or I didn’t even know that you existed or that the store was here. So, I did get results and it was in about two hours. We were very impressed.”

Why advertise?

Advertising increases the likelihood that more consumers will know who you are when they are ready to buy. Consumers who buy from you almost always buy from a business that they knew about before their need occured. The trick is finding the right medium for your business and budget. We think we can help.

Why radio?

93% of America, ages 12 and older, tune in to radio every week. In fact, more Americans spend their day with radio, than any other media outside the home. Plus, radio is the most affordable mass-market media available. Compared to the cost of reaching a similar sized audience with the same frequency, radio advertising costs a fraction of other mass media.

How does radio stack up?

Ad campaigns don’t fail because someone chose the wrong media. Ad campaigns fail because someone chose the wrong message. “The only thing that works in advertising, is what you say, times how many times you say it”. We stand by this commonly used phrase. And radio used right, will grow your business.

Creative commercials

Done right, radio ads can be extremely powerful. However, all too often radio ads sound like, well, radio ads. Your message should connect with the consumer and always answer WHY – why would a consumer buy your product? Click here for examples of locally produced commercials that both entertain and persuade.

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“When I compare radio to the other forms of advertising that I’ve done, it has by far paid the most money back into my pocket. I’ve tried print, online and other sources, and radio again over and over proves to me that it pays for itself and always brings me more business.”

Jason Spahr

Owner, Utah Mattress Outlet

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