The Cache Valley Media Group can help you through advanced targeting.

30+ Years of Marketing Experience

  • GEO Fencing
    Using geographic cell phone data, you can target customers based on the places they visit.
    Example: A fitness supplement retailer targets local gym go-ers in the area. An online university targets prominent local businesses.
  • Search Retargeting
    Serve ads to customers that have searched for your keywords in search engines and within websites.
    Example: A local school in need of new instructors targets users that have searched for keywords like 'teacher career' and 'teacher jobs'.
  • Demographic Targeting
    Target households that fit a certain set of demographics such as age, household income, presence of children, and more.
    Example: A solar panel installer targets homeowners with 1.5X the average discretionary spend that live in their service area.
  • Site Retargeting
    Reach users that have visited your website or households from a curated list of addresses.
    Example: A politician delivers digital ads to people that visited her website. A lawn care provider targets his former clients.
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Monthly reports + Real-time Support

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In addition to our monthly reports on your campaign progress, you can reach out at any time to see how your digital efforts are going. Being a client of the Cache Valley Media Group means being informed.

Need your ads designed?

Our professional graphic designers will put together an effective, eye-catching set of display ads for you to use on your campaign.

Mid-campaign Strategy change?

No problem. We can make changes to any ongoing campaign so your money is put toward the most effective strategy possible.

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