For every dollar spent, radio averages a return of six dollars. This makes it one of the most cost-effective marketing platforms.


Radio focuses on telling your business' story. The message you share and how it's delivered can make a huge impact.

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Radio Commercials & Production

To us, a commercial is more than a :30 or :60 spot in between songs. It conveys the story of your brand and shares a message that could bring that much-appreciated customer to your business.

Radio has a unique way of creating emotion that customers can connect with. If done well and done consistently, this type of messaging can create brand recognition that will prove to be invaluable to your business over the years. We pride ourselves on helping our clients build a foothold in the local market by promoting the very valuable products or services they have to offer.

Whatever stage you’re at, your Cache Valley Media Group marketing and sales executive will sit down with you to craft a message that will capture the heart of your business and develop a campaign aimed at helping you achieve your goals. Our production experts will then bring that message to life and share it through the airwaves.

Advertising on our radio stations generally yields a cost of $5-7 per thousand impressions (CPM) on average. That’s more cost-effective than most forms of media– digital or traditional!

How do we know it works?

Media-Driven Traffic

We use software that allows us to track the number of website and Google MyBusiness visitors our clients get within minutes of their ad being played. There’s always the chance of organic visitors in this time frame, but as we collect more and more data, the trends have shown that radio drives traffic to our advertisers’ pages. Using this data, we can also compare which ads are more effective and adjust your schedule accordingly.

Streaming Data

Each month, we see an average of over 90,000 unique radio streaming sessions. This includes every listener that connects through a smart device, our apps, or our websites, but doesn’t account for the thousands more than listen through traditional radio devices. Based on county-by-county ratings from Nielsen, one of the most trusted names in the media rating industry, we estimate that our weekly reach through traditional radio devices is over 110,000 and growing.

Customer Testimonials

The most important indicator of radio’s success is what our clients have to say. Here is some of the feedback we’ve received:

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