Use Traditional Media to Inspire,

Digital Media to Inform

The top half of the sales funnel

is where traditional media, like radio, influences consumers before their need arises. The bottom half is where digital media can educate and confirm the consumers choice. The business that becomes preferred at the top half of the funnel has a much higher chance of being chosen at the bottom half of the funnel.

80% of consumers choose a business or brand they already know

The key to more clicks, calls, and visits is to be known before you are needed. The third step in the sales funnel is PREFERENCE. Effective messaging will help your business connect with future consumers, so they prefer to do business with you. Even long before they need or want what you sell.

Only the

Cache Valley Media Group

gives you both


Research online Buy offline

90% of all sales in the United States still occur face to face. Here’s why:

  • 56% want to see/touch items before they buy
  • 55% want to see how items fit
  • 41% are concerned about the accuracy of online product representation
  • 34% don’t want to wait for product to arrive (shipping)
  • 25% cite high shipping costs as a reason they don’t buy online.


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